Paving Consulting

A paving job requires a well-designed project and good execution, resulting in a better efficiency with reduced costs.

To get a good final quality in the job site, we offer the following services:

- Construction and maintenance projects for asphalt and concrete pavements.

- Review of existing projects, correcting points to be improved.

- Monitoring of working execution. During the whole construction or in specific phases. 

- Design an executive project for paving construction, with orientations for the correct use of machines and adequate working procedures. 

- Analysis of quality and pathologies in road and urban works, with a technical report elaboration.

- Internal audit in road construction companies to verify points to be improved.

- Assistance in the preparation of bidding notice regarding construction works. Related to technical and quality requirements.

- Support for bidding public notice in order to the acquisition of equipment, in order to have the best cost-benefit and reliability. 


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